We are the Voice and the Hand that God is using in the Kingdom to encourage people to change their lives by offering them hope, comfort and peace.  We are committed to a ministry of restoration and reconciliation for all. We endeavor to offer ourselves, our church, as a safe place to those seeking spiritual guidance, answers to questions, physical healing, emotional stability and intellectual wisdom. We endeavor to diligently train people to be committed servant leaders, prepared to meet the needs of the community. We endeavor to meet the needs of our community as well as the needs of those God directs to our church through:

  • Focused Evangelism Outreaches
  • Worldwide Intercessory Ministry
  • Wholeness & Health Ministry
  • Family & Friends Day & Festival Outreaches
  • Food Pantry Ministry
  • Men and Women’s Ministry
  • Children and Teen Ministry


            OUR MISSION

​Our  mission is to influence generations by the power of our vision; modeling the way, presenting Christ in a contemporary fashion, and being accountable for our every word and action. Treating each other with dignity and respect and encouraging personal growth by developing and empowering our people and leaving a legacy of hope and promise to future generations.    Isaiah 58:12 says “And they that shall be of thee, shall build the old waste places:  thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.”


















From Left to Right


Rev. Dr. Katrina Marsh

Pastor of Social Services


Rev. Dr. Pei Desrosiers

Pastor of Counseling & Mental Health


Rev. Damal Edmond

Pastor of Administration


Rev. Vanessa M. Brown
Senior Pastor


Bishop Joseph Tolton

Pastor of Global Social Justice


Pastor Twanna Gause

Pastor of Worship & Liturgy









A Model for Recovery from Oppressive and Exclusive Theologies and Religions


                                        by Bishop Yvette Flunder



Radical Inclusivity is and must be radical.


Inclusivity, with love for all of God’s creation, challenges major fundamental, deep-seated Christian beliefs, doctrines and theologies at the center of society which characterize people who do not fit the definition of the acceptable social norm as enemies of God and routinely mistreats, oppresses and excludes people from the community of faith and its institutions.



Radical Inclusivity, recognizes, values, loves and celebrates people on the margin. Jesus was himself from the edge of society with a ministry to those who were considered least. Jesus’ public ministry and associations were primarily with the poor, weak, outcast, foreigners and prostitutes.





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Our ministry is a radically inclusive  multicultural  congregation of predominantly same-gender loving individuals who are people-friendly and bapti-metho-costal in our style of worship. We love GOD and know GOD loves us. 

Rivers of Living Water is a Christ Centered, radically inclusive, open & affirming, Non-Denominational Spiritual Family.  Our Mission is to build up the body of Christ by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people in our immediate community, state and all nations, bringing healing, wholeness and liberation through the dynamic ministry of the Holy Spirit.   


Our membership is growing at a steady pace. With this growth, we are being enabled to expand our ministry and develop programs and services that will provide a great impact throughout our community.

We welcome you with open arms to inquire and become a cherished part of our family.

Love & Light!   



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Rev. Vanessa M. Brown, Senior Pastor

TFAM Northeast Region Episcopal Liaison

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