Love & Light

Love and Light, Inc mostly serves the African-American and Latino communities.  Though not discriminatory towards anyone be it race, ethnicity, gender, ability or sexual orientation,  its focus is those on the margins such as the elderly, disabled, HIV/AIDS population and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) identified individuals.

Its mode of operation for providing services is seeking to meet a need by not only providing a safe place that is free from hatred and harassment, but also a space for financial and spiritual enlightenment and encouragement.  Whether it is providing a hot meal, assisting with groceries, helping to create a budget, doing HIV testing, providing support and referrals for HIV/AIDS, as well as in-house counseling.

Our mission is to empower the individual or family by serving through provision. We currently also have the opportunity to offer clothing to those in need, and we strive to futuristically be able to provide shelter and/or transitional housing for those who seek it.



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